I created another mural for High Top Real Estate and Development, this time in their new office space in South Philadelphia. The client ultimately wanted to highlight some of the company’s properties – so I used the same format I’ve created for murals at several High Top properties (murals in the lobbies with graffiti-style icons related to Philadelphia) – but added sketches of the properties themselves in a map style. The renderings are designed to be more whimsical than architectural, with nods to the developments they’re introducing throughout the region, including West Philadelphia, Frankford, South Philly and other areas.

I painted the mural by hand throughout the entire lobby area, on one large wall to the left and two walls that form a corner on the rear/right where the front desk is located. Because there are floor-to-ceiling windows, the art can be seen from the street. As I was working over two days, I got to meet a few folks who live in the neighborhood who would stop by to say hello and check out the work.

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