I had the chance to create a full color mural at Tabu, a multi-story nightclub in Philly. The goal was to create something fun in the gaming space where there’s a smaller bar, pool tables and other games, that celebrates Truly, a hard seltzer from Boston Beer Company.

I initially considered creating an actual map of Philly with Truly cans running around as if tourists from Boston. But instead of being so literal, tI decided to create a tribute to Philly’s famous landmarks (like the Liberty Bell and Art Museum) but in a style that is inspired by everything from Trapper Keepers in the 1980s to video games and street art. I purposely wanted the colors and details to pop against the black background. I used some fluorescents and a palette that’s purposely very bright, almost like neon.

I drew the mural by hand first on the white wall and then painted in the details and background with paint, also by hand. I had a great time and was excited to create something totally unique, where people can take selfies and have a great time after this very challenging pandemic.

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