In Memoriam

I was asked to create a sign that was to be displayed during a memorial for a beautiful friend who died very unexpectedly this summer. His death was a terrible shock to those of us who knew him, counted on seeing him at all the usual haunts, and who may have been out of touch a little more than we liked during the pandemic.

When asked, I wanted to donate whatever I could to the memorial. I was glad they thought of me for this. Because to know Michael was to know his boundless creativity and his ability to truly think outside the box, all the while being so humble and kind and funny (that laugh). If I was to successfully honor him, I knew that I had to create something that would celebrate all the things we loved about him – that would become something that would hopefully also be a meaningful gift to his family.

Inspired by him, I, too, ended up thinking way outside the box, creating a tribute to Michael in the form of a portrait with words and images associated with him, his work and his memory.

His friends and loved ones will never stop missing him.

While the original hand-drawn portrait (framed at 16×20) was given to his parents, I’m happily sharing the digital file with anyone who knew Michael and may like the keepsake.

I like to believe that under the best circumstances, art can bring us joy, make us think and even heal us in profound and unexpected ways. I found some solace in working on this project for no other reason than I felt a little closer to Michael, a man who made an enormous impact on me as a friend and a guy who even hired me for a few art gigs that ultimately helped make me think a little bigger and more creatively.

May you rest in peace. We all loved you.

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