The exhibition at Dirty Frank’s Off the Wall Gallery – REEMERGE – has been a success. I sold the first in a series of word art pieces that I’m painting with fluorescent pink on silver mylar, THE PARTY IS NOT OVER.

Re-emerging from the pandemic inspired me to explore new materials that harken back to the 1970s, an era that (not unlike today) also sprang from the aftermath of a tumultuous decade of war and civil unrest. I like to think that after spending so much time locked down, and now facing an uncertain future regarding COVID, and quite literally life and death clashes between political factions, that there might be a vital return to decadence, the stuff of disco and unbridled escapism, whether as a way to cope, heal or just be free. I chose mylar as not only a nod to Andy Warhol’s silver factory but also for it’s mirror-like quality, the idea that it could be some kind of message written in lipstick on a mirror, or maybe just so that we see ourselves in the art. 

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