I’m participating in an art auction to benefit refugees from Ukraine and an animal rescue based in Ukraine at Dirty Frank’s in Philadelphia. I created an original art piece for the auction (ENOUGH, 12×16 matted, signed and framed) that pays tribute to the Russians who have been protesting the war with a background inspired by Ukrainian tapestries. I think finding the humanity and heroism amid this horrific event is incredibly important for us as human beings sharing this big, complex world.

The other piece I’m contributing tp the auction is a live painting of a design inspired by rescue efforts. The X is typically used in war and natural disasters to determine is a building has been searched for people with numbers or denotations telling the story. Here, the letters spell out KYIV. I’ll be painting these at the bar on Friday, March 25 (4-8 p.m.) on a heavy paper stock to be framed, tacked up, displayed in a window, you name it.

If you donate $20 to the auction, I’ll make you one on site. All money from the art will be given directly to the assigned charities. If you have any questions, please ask the folks running the event.

I’m honored to be doing something at a time when we can all feel quite helpless. I encourage anyone reading this to consider getting involved, no matter how small the effort.




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