New Mural

I was invited to create an erotic mural at Stir, a popular nightclub in Philly. The goal was to pay tribute to the venue’s historic roots as a gay men’s bar with a backroom. During its storied past, the bars walls were covered with homoerotic illustrations of nude men. As such, I ultimately wanted this new art piece to encompass everything kinky/sexy/erotic from the past but in a more whimsical design that would ultimately appeal to today’s diverse LGBT community. 

I painted this freehand in about six hours using words and images inspired by street art, sex and nightlife. Much of the subject matter, while adult, is combined with less serious iconography that’s deconstructed into simple lines and designs. I really wanted this new art piece to be a lighthearted/decorative backdrop to the experiences a queer community of people will be having when the space reopens again this year. It’s my first (and hopefully not last) mural erotica!

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