My illustrations are all drawn by hand using waterproof Copic Multi-liner pens on archival-quality acid-free paper. I have selected my materials based on their ability to withstand the test of time and to deliver on the promise of intricate line work and deep black shadows that have become a hallmark to my work.

My goal is to create original and affordable art that can be customized for a range of purposes – including special collecting and gifting. I especially love working with clients to cultivate the most unique (and personal) pieces that will ideally be displayed and enjoyed in their homes, offices, really anywhere.

I’m also expanding into publishing work – something that I had done many years ago when I worked as an editor at a publishing company. I illustrated articles and several magazine covers. Today, I’d like to work with art directors and designers who may be interested in using my illustrations to help tell stories or create eye-catching book covers. As an avid reader and book collector, book covers have a particular appeal to me.

Fun fact: I got started as an illustrator while I was still in high school. My first paying art job was working for my hometown newspaper where I created political cartoons for the editorial page. I was the only local cartoonist they ever hired (and I had the opportunity to poke quite a bit of fun at the mayor). At one point I was named a the number one cartoonist in a reader’s poll. I was just 16.

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