80s Series

My 1980s-inspired series is almost complete! I’ve finished 80 small drawings (5×7 inches each) and I’m now working on a few larger pieces, all of which will be included in a special exhibition later this year.

Here are some samples:


As I’ve been researching and drawing each of these by hand, I’ve also been selling select illustrations (often in small groups) to help fund the project. If you’d like to special order one or a series of your own (like fashion, music or gaming-inspired art), please contact me directly. And if there’s something you’d like to special order (like a favorite accessory, toy or cassette tape), I happily take requests.

The series currently includes (but is not limited to):

legwarmers – E.T. – Atari Joystick – Swatch Watch (with Swatch Guard) – New Wave sunglasses – VHS tape – Nintendo controller – Pac-Man ghost – Apple computer – studded cuff – Viewmaster – Orange Julius – Matchbox car – Care Bar – Sony Walkman – cordless phone – Casio Calculator Watch – Polaroid camera – boom box – Jams shorts – small floppy disk – Etch-A-Sketch – A-Team van – Gizmo from Gremlins – Optimus Prime from Transformers – Esprit purse – moon boots – Tang – Space Invaders alien – Rubik’s Cube – robot – Ghostbuster’s logo – My Little Pony unicorn – Skeletor from He-Man – Reebok sneaker – candy buttons on paper – Jolt Cola – Simon – phone toy with face – Big Wheel – Monchichi – Mr. T – My Little Professor calculator – Gummy Bear – Trapper Keeper with rainbow – handheld digital football game – Trivia Pursuit pie and pieces – large floppy disk  – Sit ‘N Spin – Tab – Connect Four – Doc Marten combat boot – Jason’s mask from Friday the 13th – MTV logo – R2D2 – Silence Equals Death pin – Frankie Say Relax t-shirt – Mr. Potato Head – parachute pants – safety pin and beads jewelry – Sony Discman – Manic Panic – Max Headroom – television – Game Boy – portable television – Mad Ball – Logo space guy – Hubba Bubba – Reebok Pump – Pop Rocks – Kodak Fling disposable camera – Little People figurines – keytar – Nerf ball – Lite Brite – 3D glasses – Air Jordans

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