I was invited to show 10 of my new vessels for the first time at Noname Gallery, a beautiful gallery space in Chestnut Hill just outside the city of Philadelphia. The exhibition features several women artists specializing in a range of mediums. Big thanks to Jonene for creating this beautiful show. I’m truly honored to be included.

These pieces are part of an upcycling series I started working on last year. To make this happen, I have searched thrift shops and other places for objects that inspired me and that I can then turn into new forms of art featuring my graffiti-inspired designs. I really like the idea of using pre-owned or found items that already exist rather than making new objects. The pieces range in materials – glass, ceramic, stone and wood – and ultimately put a spotlight on sustainability for the first time in my own work.

I enjoy being beholden to what I find rather than what I would make from scratch. It makes me think way outside my comfort zone.

If you’re interested in making a purchase, please contact the gallery directly.

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