The exhibition for which I painted a mural on site at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, got a great review:

“For me, the most successful pairing was an installation of multiple abstracted figures, Transparent(2017)again by the perceptive team of Pohlman and Knowles, against a paint marker mural by Natalie Hope McDonald The Line of Beauty (2019.) The figures, from the duo’s Hommage series, display fluent movements of necks, heads and shoulders, as if to turn to us or each other to form connections.

Connectedness is also the first impression you have when looking at the web of lines across the wall behind the installation. The intersections are sometimes in focus, sometimes partially obscured by the glass figures, and only eventually reveal the strong triangular elements that hold them together, a motif that is not only common in modern LGTBQ iconography, but was also used as an identifier in Nazi persecution of members of this community.”




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